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Work, Employment and Society Conference 2013


BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference 2013

States of Work: and the interpretations of work, employment, society and the state

Tuesday 3 - Thursday 5 September 2013

Postgraduate workshop: Monday 2 September 2013

University of Warwick

The British Sociological Association and the Work, Employment and Society Editorial Board are pleased to announce that the WES Conference 2013 will be hosted by the University of Warwick. Like the journal, the conference is sociologically oriented, but welcomes contributions from related fields.

The conference has an international focus and comes at a critical time for the study of work. Over the few last years, unprecedented state intervention in the economy and subsequent radical reform plans for the public sector and the welfare state have raised new questions on the ways work is socially regulated: the WES 2013 conference will bring together sociologists of work from across the globe to assess the evidence and consider the theoretical implications of changing relations between work, society and the state.

Confirmed Speakers:

Saskia Sassen (Columbia University)

Han Dongfang (China Labour Bulletin)

Ruth Milkman (CUNY)

Please submit your abstract online before midnight on Friday 19 April 2013