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Warwick Papers in Industrial Relations

Warwick Papers publish the work of members of IRRU and people associated with it. They include material of topical interest and research papers that do not fit the conventions of journal articles. For further information on Warwick Papers contact IRRU.

Recent Warwick Papers

WPIR Number/Date

No 111

June 2020

Keith Sisson

Making Britain the best place in the world to work: how to protect and enhance worker's right after Brexit...and coronavirus

No 110

November 2018

Paul Edwards

Conflict in the Workplace: The Concept of Structured Antagonism Reconsidered

No 109
October 2017

Guglielmo Meardi

What does migration control mean?
The link between migration and labour market regulations in Norway, Switzerland and Canada

No 108

September 2017

Edited by Linda Dickens and Guglielmo Meardi

Labour Market Exploitation: Emerging Empirical Evidence

No 107

May 2017

Margaret Beels, Chair, Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority

Preventing Labour Exploitation

No 106
January 2017

Paul Marginson

European Industrial Relations: An increasingly fractured landscape?

No 105
October 2016

Keith Sisson

Shaping the world of work - time for a UK jobs strategy

No 104
April 2016

John Cridland

Reflections on Employee Relations

No 103
January 2016

Paul Marginson

Trade Unions and Multinational Companies: A multi-level challenge

No 102
September 2015

Mark Hall, John Purcell and Duncan Adam

Reforming the ICE regulations – what chance now?

No 101
August 2015

Kim Hoque and Nick Bacon

Workplace union representation in the British public sector:
evidence from the 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Survey

No 100
March 2015

Bernadette Ségol, General Secretary,
European Trade Union Confederation

Social Europe: yesterday, today and tomorrow

No 99
June 2014
Paul Edwards

Were the 40 Years of ‘Radical Pluralism’ a Waste of Time? A Response to Peter Ackers and Patrick McGovern

No 98
June 2014
Guy Ryder, Director General,
International Labour Organisation

Relevance of the ILO in the twenty-first century

No 97
May 2013
John Taylor

The Workplace in Transition: A Decade of Change and Challenge

No 96
April 2012
John Purcell

The limits and possibilities of employee engagement

No 95
April 2011
Brendan Barber, General Secretary, TUC

Understanding the Crisis: Can we move from Austerity to Prosperity?

No 94
May 2010
Guido Becke

‘Internal Marketisation’: Between Redefinition and Erosion of ‘Social Ties that Bind’ at Company Level

No 93
April 2010
Richard Lambert, Director General, CBI

The Labour Market and Employment Relations Beyond the Recession

No 92
September 2009
Keith Sisson

Why Employment Relations Matter (PDF Document)

No 91
June 2009

Trevor Colling

Court in a trap? Legal Mobilisation by Trade Unions in the United Kingdom (PDF Document)

No 90
May 2009

Kieran Mulvey, Chief Executive, Labour Relations Commission (Ireland)


Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Legal and Voluntary Framework for Dispute Resolution (PDF Document)

No 89
May 2008
Linda Dickens

Legal regulation, institutions and industrial relations (PDF Document)

No 88
April 2008

Keith Sisson Putting the record straight: Industrial relations and the employment relationship (PDF Document)

No 87
April 2008

Christina Niforou The role of trade unions in the implementation of autonomous framework agreements (PDF Document)

No 86
November 2007

Tony Edwards, Olga Tregaskis, Paul Edwards, Anthony Ferner, Paul Marginson with Jane Arrowsmith, Duncan Adam, Michael Meyer and Ali Budjanovcanin


Charting the Contours of Multinationals in Britain: Methodological challenges arising in survey-based research  (PDF Document)

No 85
July 2007

Keith Sisson Revitalising industrial relations: making the most of the “institutional turn” (PDF Document)

No 84
May 2007

Bill Callaghan, Chair, Health and Safety Commission Employment Relations: The heart of health and safety (PDF Document)

No 83
March 2007

Sylvia Rohlfer The different faces of benchmarking: structural limits to benchmarking and the implications for Human Resource Management (PDF Document)
No 82
September 2006
Thomas Prosser Is the 'new phase' of the European Social Dialogue the development of an autonomous and effective form of social dialogue? (PDF Document)

No 81
April 2006

Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry The World of Work (PDF Document)
No 80
March 2006
Paul Edwards

Industrial Relations and Critical Realism: IR's Tacit Contribution (PDF Document)

No 79
February 2006
Paul Marginson Between Europeanisation and Regime Competition: labour market regulation following EU enlargement  (PDF Document)

No 78
August 2005

Rita Donaghy - Responses from: John Cridland, Frances O'Grady and William Brown The Changing Landscape of Employment Relations in Britain (PDF Document)

No 77
April 2005

Mark Hall How are employers and unions responding to the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations? (PDF Document)

No 76
February 2005

Jane Parker 'The Many Faces of Eve': Women's Groups, Diversity and Democracy in British Unions (PDF Document)

No 75
February 2005

Aurelie Collin Age discrimination and social partners: a comparative study of France and the United Kingdom 
No 74
June 2004
Anne-marie Greene and Gill Kirton Views from another stakeholder: Trade union perspectives on the rhetoric of 'Managing Diversity' (PDF Document)
 No 73
March 2004
Renate Hornung-Draus The Role of National and European Organizations in the 21st Century (PDF Document)
 No 72
April 2003
Miriam Quintana The Different Dimensions of 'Europeanisation' in the Banking Sector: Implications for EWCs  (PDF Document)
No 71
April 2003
Robert Poole

Agreed or imposed... A study of employer's responses to statutory recognition applications (PDF Document)

No 70
April 2003
John Monks A Eurovision at Work (PDF Document)

No 69
March 2003


Sylvia Rohlfer

Benchmarking Concepts in the UK and Germany: Between Standardisation and Local Variation?

No 68
December 2002
Giuseppe Bonazzi and Valeria Pulignano The Market in the Factory: Co-ordinating employment and Organisational Relations in the Italian Motor Industry

No 67
April 2002

Keith Sisson The information and consultation Directive: unnecessary “regulation” or an opportunity to promote “partnership”? (PDF Document) 
No 66
November 2001
Paul Marginson and Keith Sisson

The Impact of Economic and Monetary Union on Industrial Relations: A Comparative Sector and Company Perspective

No 65
November 2001

Torsten Müller and Aline Hoffmann EWC Research: A Review of the Literature (PDF Document) 
No 64
February 2001
Joy Batchelor Employment Security in the Aftermath of the Break-up of Rover Group (PDF Document)

A full listing of of earlier Warwick Papers in Industrial Relations is available to download here