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Seminar 2 - Friday 23rd September 2011, University of Warwick

Causes of Precarious Work amongst Young People

The second seminar in the series focuses on seeking to explain why young people are so much more likely than older workers to experience precarious employment and the consequences of that on their future lives. Speakers will develop a critical appraisal of the causes of the rise in precarious employment among young people. The analysis here is interdisciplinary drawing on research from labour economics, industrial relations, sociology, youth studies, education, labour geography and political economy. The intention is to develop themes related to youth labour market transitions, specifically paths of entry and exit into and out of the labour market, wages, trade union representation, skills, employment protection etc. Employer policy will also be of direct relevance here and the intention is to understand the broader socio-economic context that recognises the importance of labour market and policy influences on behaviour.

Please register for this event in advance by emailing:

Melanie dot Simms at wbs dot ac dot uk


University of Warwick – Wolfson Research Exchange, University of Warwick Library

A limited amount of funds are available for UK-based PhD students who wish to travel to the seminars if no other source of funding is available. Please contact us for further information.


Dr Lefteris Kretsos:

Professor Miguel Martinez Lucio:

Dr Melanie Simms:

A schedule of papers to be presented is available here