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KIN Autumn Workshop: Experiencing The Future With Immersive Technologies on 10th and 11th September 2018


Immersive technologies such as AR, MR & VR promise to transform how we learn, make decisions, and interact with the physical world. In this workshop we will 'immerse' ourselves in these technologies and discover how they are evolving from game-playing to business applications that will change the very nature of how work is done.

The kinds of tasks in which AR and MR begin to bring benefits include the following:

  • Hands-free tasks: From engineering to medicine, the ability to access information and digital objects through AR and MR devices presents real advantages, allowing employees to, for example, check judgements, consult models or even see-through the problem they are confronting. AR is being used, for example, to enable engineers to see inside complex machinery by overlaying a design schematic.

  • Visualisation of data, objects, projections and models: AR and MR technologies allow for visualisations of all kinds to be shared between teams within their working environment; for example, it is being used to enable architects or product designers to share models with clients.
  • Improving teamwork, collaboration and communication: AR and MR have real potential to facilitate remote working and virtual team-working in many of the ways that VR can also achieve. As technologies, they lend themselves to situations of co-presence, such as meeting and teamwork, but without the alienation and isolation of the VR environment.

The proliferation of desktop computers in the workplace has often had unintended consequences, anchoring workers to their desks; discouraging movement, communication and collaboration. Freeing data from the desktop and placing it in the working environment have the potential to release employees from their desks and engage them in more genuinely collaborative and socially active work styles and modes.

This KIN Quarterly Workshop will address many of these issues and more. Our keynote speaker is Dr Fridolin Wild, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University who will explore how smart glasses and wearable technologies can be used for knowledge intensive training and as job performance aids, drawing on examples from the Performance Augmentation Lab of Oxford Brookes University to show how these new technologies are successfully used in Space, Aviation, and Medicine.

Jeremy Dalton, the head of virtual reality and augmented reality at PwC, will talk about the current and emergent business opportunities provided by these technologies.

We will have two case-studies from organisations that have demonstrated the use of AR and VR technologies for delivering more cost-effective training. Delegates will also be able to directly experience some examples of AR, VR and MR knowledge sharing applications from a selection of leading entrepreneurs and vendors.

Previous KIN members (alumni) are invited to join our current Innovation Network members on Monday 10th September from 2pm - 4.30pm for a guided tour of the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). WMG provides innovative solutions to industry; through research, education and collaboration. The tour will include a visit to the Manufacturing Automation Centre, where they use immersive technologies; a visit to the metrology group, where they use advanced 3D imagining; a small demo from the manufacturing technology centre, where they are working on innovative uses for new materials such as graphene; and a visit to the Autonomous vehicle development centre where they have a simulator for delegates to try out. This will be followed by a networking dinner in the evening.

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