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Rob Bryer

Emeritus Professor in Accounting

BA (CNAA), PhD (Warwick)

Research Interests

Rob's research focuses on the accounting history of capitalism, particularly the role of accounting in the British agricultural and industrial revolutions, and accounting theory, particularly the relevance and usefulness of the labour theory of value in understanding management and financial accounting practice. Current projects include a history of US GAAP from the late 19th century to the FASB’s conceptual framework and Marx’s accounting solution to the transformation problem.

Rob's research output between 1991-2002 put him in the top 25 European most productive accounting scholars (Accounting and Business Research, Vol. 36, No. 1, 2006, Table 5). His paper on the 'Roots of Modern Capitalism' won the Highly Commended Prize awarded by the US Academy of Accounting Historians in 2004, and his paper on 'Accounting Control of the Labour Process' was one of the top ten papers downloaded published in Critical Perspectives on Accounting in 2006.

Selected publications

R.A. Bryer, Capitalist accountability and the British Industrial Revolution: The Carron Company, 1759 - circa. 1850, Accounting, Organizations and Society (Vol.31, No.8, 2006), pp.687–734.

R.A. Bryer, The genesis of the capitalist farmer: towards a Marxist accounting history of the origins of the English agricultural revolution, Critical Perspectives on Accounting (Vol.17, No.4, May 2006), pp.367-397.

R.A. Bryer, Accounting and control of the labour process, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Special Issue on Accounting and the Labour Process (Vol. 17, No.5, July 2006), pp.551-598.

R.A. Bryer, A Marxist accounting history of the British Industrial Revolution: a review of the evidence and suggestions for research, Accounting, Organizations and Society (Vol.30, 2005), pp.25-65.



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