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Participate in eye tracking research on perceptions of adverts

Researchers from the Behavioural Science Group at WBS are conducting research on how people perceive adverts, and they are looking for people who would be interested in participating.

Participants will be asked to give their impressions of a variety of adverts for financial products and then answer some questions about themselves, and the kinds of products they have just seen. Whilst looking at the adverts participants eyes will be tracked using a state of the art, remote eye tracker. The requirements for participation are that participants have lived in the UK for at least 5 years, and that participants not wear mascara, or any sparkly eye makeup during the experiment as this can interfere with the eye tracker.

Participation will take approximately 45 minutes and participants will be given £10.

If you may be interested then please contact Danni Norman for more information: D dot Norman dot 3 at warwick dot ac dot uk

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