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What tasks will I be asked to take?

The lab will involve a series of surveys about psychological traits (e.g., impulsivity, wellbeing, etc.); these should take no longer than 2 hours to complete; participants will also be required to complete three behavioural measures that examine how we make decisions.

During the trial you will be sent a surveys about spending behaviour: Each Monday and Thursday during the study participants will be emailed a brief survey that asks about the spending behaviour; these should take no longer than 2-minutes to complete.

How do I take the surveys?

Participants will be sent an email link every Monday and Thursday, you should be able to complete the surveys online via a computer or phone.

How do I return my bank statements?

All bank statements will need to be submitted via email. To do this, download your monthly statement from logging into your online banking and then crop the image so that the

account number and sort code are trimmed off the image.

Then simply email the image or pdf to with your University ID number, don't worry the image will be stored in a secure place and we will delete all traces of your ID number within one week of the email being recieved.

What are the risks of taking part in this study?

There are no physical risks involved in this research study.

What are the possible benefits of taking part in this study?

Some participants will be given advice and skills to save more money. All participants will provide information to shape future policy that may help other people save money. Participants will be paid up to £17 for completing the lab section of the study and the beginning of the trial.

What will happen when the study ends?

The data you provide may be used to publish in papers. Importantly, no identifiable information will ever be revealed in these publications. Rather only aggregated information will be published.

Will my taking part be kept confidential?

Identifiable information about participants in this study will be kept separate from the study data in a locked cabinet in a locked office and that only authorised staff can access. No identifiable information will be stored in the electronic data file. Rather, in the electronic data files each participant will have their university ID anonymized through an encryption system so that the researchers reduce the amount of sensitive information. All consent forms and paper-based documents will be kept in a locked room at the University of Warwick until they are entered into an anonymised electronic files. The bank statements will be deleted, within one week of having been emailed in.