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Ana Galvao talks on BBC Radio 4 on why economic forecasting is difficult

Wed 18 October 2017, 15:20 | Tags: Ana Galvao

Michael Bradshaw's thoughts on shale gas not in the UK

Michael Bradshaw's views on shale gas not in the UK were used by The Scotsman and Upstream Magazine.

Tue 05 September 2017, 09:29 | Tags: Michael Bradshaw

Interview with David Elmes by Associated Press on Brexit

An interviews by associated press with David Elmes on Brexit was used by the Daily Express China, Yahoo! Finance, Japan Today, Kansa City Star, The Washington Post, Fox Business, and more than 230 other outlets.

Tue 05 September 2017, 09:24 | Tags: David Elmes

Fred Dahlmann writes about the five things the UK needs for a Green Brexit

Five things the UK needs from Brexit to maintain its green targets

The appointment of leading Brexiteer Michael Gove as Environment Secretary sparked fear among Scotland and Wales' devolved environment ministers that Britain would see a watering down of climate targets.

The full article is available on Yahoo Finance.

Tue 05 September 2017, 09:19 | Tags: Frederik Dahlmann

David Elmes interviewed by the news agency AFP on oil firms still profiting despite low prices

David Elmes was interviewed by the news agency AFP on oil firms still profiting despite low prices, which was published in the Pakistan Observer, Uraguay daily El Observador, Gulf News, MSN Phillipines, Bangladesh Daily Star, Yahoo! Espana and more than 100 other outlets.

Tue 29 August 2017, 11:45 | Tags: David Elmes

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