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The Economic Modelling and Forecasting (EMF) group produces high quality modelling and forecasting-based research. Distinctive features of the research include a focus on communicating and accommodating the risk and uncertainty associated with macroeconomic data, forecasts and decisions.

Our areas of expertise include: the theory and practice of economic modelling and forecasting; empirical macroeconomics and finance; economics statistics and empirical analysis of energy and commodities markets; point, interval, density and probability event forecasting; model uncertainty and combination; statistical and economic evaluation of forecasts; now-casting; forecasting systems and software; modelling of data revisions; regional economic modelling and forecasting.

The EMF group also has an energy-based research agenda, based around the Global Energy Research Network.

The group’s members regularly publish in leading academic journals; undertake research council and central bank grant funded projects;and collaborate with, advise and develop software with central banks and international organisations.

To read our current research papers, please look at our working paper series.

We encourage applications from prospective PhD students with research interests in the topics described above. Details of the WBS PhD programme are available here.

Our list of current PhD students can be found here.