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Download Conference Papers

1. Sohnke Bartram (Lancaster University & SSgA) & Gordon Bodnar (Johns Hopkins University)
“The crisis in the equity market” - this paper is not available to download

2. Jerry Dwyer & Paula Tkac (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
(PDF Document)“The crisis in the fixed income market” 

3. Michael Melvin (Barclays Global Investors) & Mark Taylor (Barclays Global Investors and Warwick Business School)
(PDF Document)“The crisis in the FX market” 

4. Michael Dooley (University of California Santa Cruz) & Michael Hutchison (University of California Santa Cruz):
(PDF Document) “The crisis in Emerging Markets"

5. Naohiko Baba (Bank of Japan and Bank for International Settlements) & Frank Packer (Bank for International Settlements):
(PDF Document) “Dislocations in FX swap markets during the financial crisis”

6. Richard Clarida (Columbia and PIMCO),Josh Davis (PIMCO) and Niels Pedersen (PIMCO)
(PDF Document) "Carry Trade Regimes: Beyond the Fama Regression"

7. Marcel Fratzscher (European Central Bank)
(PDF Document) "The transmission channels of the financial crisis to global FX markets"

8. Matthew Dorsten (PIMCO), Vineer Bhansali (PIMCO) and Mark Wise (PIMCO)
(PDF Document) “Asymmetric Policy and the Long end of the Yield Curve”

9. Michael Hume (Bank of England) and Andrew Sentance (Bank of England and Warwick Business School)
“The Global Credit Boom: Challenges for Macroeconomics and Policy”

18:30: Conference Dinner
10. Avinash Persaud (Intelligence Capital) (dinner speaker)
“The Fundamental Principles of Financial Regulation: The Geneva Report”