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“Upgrade your mayonnaise”

Last month the Marketing Insight Series was graced by Steve Chantry (Commercial Director of Kraft Heinz) in the tallest building in England, yes you guessed right… The Shard! The event was based upon an exciting conversation about one special condiment, MAYONNAISE!

Thu 17 January 2019, 08:38 | Tags: Event Recap

Birds Eye – Becoming a Small Fish in a Big Pond

Our last event of the term took place at WBS in the Shard, where MiS Experts from Heinz and Birds Eye joined us to share some special industry insights! Steve Challouma, Marketing Director at Birds Eye, spoke passionately about how the company challenged traditional perceptions of frozen food while leveraging success to grow the market.

Thu 10 January 2019, 07:50 | Tags: Event Recap

How Jaguar Land Rover took the front seat and drove the business back on track through the evolution and success of the Range Rover Evoque.

I am sure we have all heard about the small, stylish and urban beauty which Jaguar Land Rover produced back in 2010? YES, I am talking about the incredible Range Rover Evoque which took to our roads and transformed the 4x4 car market – resulting in 50,000 unpredicted pre-orders and a sell-out before the release date!

Sun 18 November 2018, 23:31 | Tags: Event Recap

Top tips from experts at our MiS Festival!

So... our MiS Festival was a smash success! Thank you to everyone who participated in workshops, attended the events, and took the opportunity to engage with our special guests! If, like me, you gained a lot of valuable insight but wanted to walk away with a few top tips from everyone at the festival - look no further! I took the liberty of asking a few of our experts what they felt was most important for a successful marketing career, and here's what they said!

Sun 18 November 2018, 23:29 | Tags: Event Recap

Get ready as The Marketing Insights Series Festival takes over WBS on Wednesday!

Everyone… stop studying and cancel your plans! This Wednesday The MiS Festival is coming to Warwick Business School and it will be a day to remember! If you have enjoyed the events, opportunities, networking and insight gained from the great experts this term, you will love the Festival even more, so make sure you’re there!

Sun 11 November 2018, 19:10 | Tags: MiS

Virgin Holidays and the Art of Storytelling

Marketing is an intrinsically customer focused function, that is, delivering value to customers. CRM works closely here by providing the tools to directly communicate this value in the most effective way. Keep reading to learn about how our brilliant speaker Saul Lopes, Head of CRM and Loyalty at Virgin Holidays, completely transformed the service communications at Virgin Holidays and embraced the art of storytelling!

Sun 11 November 2018, 18:49 | Tags: Event Recap

L'Oréal – How do you fix a dying brand?

Are you thinking of creating your own brand in the future? Are you a creative who is inspired by successful campaigns in industry? Are you simple an advocate for marketing and want to know more? OR, are you obsessed with L'Oréal and having super lush hair? If the answer is YES, then you’re in the right place to read all about our amazing Marketing Insights Series event last week which brought back the amazing Marketing Insights Expert Tom Stone from L'Oréal!

Mon 05 November 2018, 15:10 | Tags: Event Recap

How Sustainability Is Becoming A Major Marketing Trend

We've all seen this definition in one lecture theatre or another - 'Sustainability involves meeting the needs of the present without compromising on the ability of future generations to meet their needs.' We know that large companies are making it a priority as consumers are becoming more aware of the issue, and as climate change is taking effect all around us. Naturally, with this new focus comes a new trend in marketing. Learn more about how this growing trend allows companies to communicate new types of value to environmentally, socially, and ethically conscious consumers!

Sun 04 November 2018, 20:40 | Tags: Marketing World

P&G: The best a student can get!

Need a recap on MiS’ first event of the year? Or did you hear amazing things and regret not coming? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of key takeaways from our speaker event with Proctor and Gamble – a leading global corporation in the FMCG industry.

Mon 29 October 2018, 21:49 | Tags: Event Recap

Welcome to The Marketing Insights Series!

The Marketing Insights Series was founded last year by Laura Chamberlain and Faye Neivens from the Warwick Business School! It is more than just weekly events and the same old content being discussed week-in week-out. Instead it is about empowering, motivating and encouraging students from all cohorts of the University to come together to learn and gain amazing insight into the world of Marketing.

Mon 29 October 2018, 17:45 | Tags: MiS