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The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Society (with Steve Woolgar) (1997)

The Arts of Leadership (2000)

Organisational Leadership (with John Bratton and Debra Nelson)

Leadership: Limits and Possibilities (2005)

Leadership, Management & Command: Rethinking D-Day (2008)

Sage Handbook & Leadership (edited with Alan Bryman, David Collinson, Brad Jackson and Mary Uhl-Bien) (2010)

The Public Leadership Challenge (edited with Stephen Brookes) (2010)

Leadership: A Very Short Introduction (2010)

Sage Major Works of Leadership (four volumes) (ed. with David Collinson & Brad Jackson) (2011)

Sage Historic Perspectives on Leadership and Governance (three volumes) (ed. with Simon Johnson, David Collinson and Brad Jackson) (forthcoming).