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David Felstead


David is currently working on his PhD research at WBS. He has a background in psychology and previously worked as a freelance occupational psychologist after completing his MSc in Occupational Psychology.

Research Topic

David's research explores the relationship between values and motivations with an interest in the well-being, performance, and organisational outcomes that stem from these. Helping others can involve individuals making sacrifices so what happens to individuals that are highly motivated to help others? What happens to them when they adhere to their central pro-social values and actualise their motivation to help others? What happens when they do not? Using the public service motivation concept and human values literature and theory, David explores the individual (well-being and performance) and organisational level (organisational attachment) outcomes associated with highly pro-social individuals fulfilling/not fulfilling their pro-social values.


Tina Kiefer and Girts Racko


David is a recipient of an ESRC scholarship and won the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE) in 2017.