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Working Papers

  • Gulpinar, N., Strauss, A.K., Zheng, Y. Dynamic Pricing of Flexible Time Slots for Attended Home Delivery Services. April 2019
  • Starita, S., Strauss, A.K., Fei, X. Jovanovic, R. Ivanov, N.; Pavlovic, G.; Fichert, F. Capacity Planning in Air Traffic Management under Traffic Uncertainty. June 2019

Journal Articles

  • Klein, R, Koch, S, Steinhardt, C., Strauss, A.K. A Review of Revenue Management: Recent Generalizations and Advances in Industry Applications. Forthcoming in European Journal of Operational Research

Book Chapters

  • Meissner, J. and Strauss, A.K. Demand pricing and revenue management. Service Chain Management: Technology Innovation for the Service Business. Ed. Voudouris, C., Owusu, G., Dorne, R. and Lesaint, D. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2007.

Master Thesis

  • Strauss, A.K. Numerical Analysis of Jump -Diffusion Models for Option Pricing, Master thesis, Virginia Tech, 2006. (PDF Document) Download