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This code was used to produce the results in Meissner, Strauss and Talluri: An Enhanced Concave Program Relaxation for Choice Network Revenue Management.

Forthcoming in Production and Operations Management [(PDF Document) Download].

If you use this code, please cite the above article of Meissner, Strauss and Talluri, and add a reference to this page.

The code is written for MATLAB version 2011a, with CPLEX 12.3 licenced under the IBM Academic Initiative. The files take a data structure "Data" as input that contains the network information. Data structure for popular benchmark networks can be found under Data Sets.

Choice-based Deterministic Linear Program

ml_icon.gif CDLP.m

(ZIP or other archive)

Segment-based Deterministic Concave Program

ml_icon.gif SDCP.m

SDCP with Product Constraints

ml_icon.gif pcSDCP.m

Enhanced k-segment Deterministic Concave Program

ml_icon.gif kSDCP.m

ml_icon.gif ksub_next2.m