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The International Summer School on Advanced Practice-Based Studies is a yearly initiative aimed at the development and promotion of practice-based studies. By bringing together the leading scholars in the field, the School aims to become a primary centre for the elaboration and dissemination of this new development in the study of social, technological, and human phenomena.

The School is organised in collaboration with the International Symposium Series on Process Organization Studies (PROS) and programmatically multi-disciplinary and open to a variety of approaches and sensitivities.

This is the third annual edition of the event and the second to take place at the main campus in Coventry, the first being hosted at the University of Warwick premises in Venice. Previous lecturers included Ted Schatzki, Jack Whalen, Martha Feldman, Mika Pantzar, Dvora Yanow, Barbara Czarniawska, Jorgen Sandberg, Silvia Gherardi, and Michel Anteby.

Who should attend?

The Summer School is an ‘advanced studies’ initiative aimed at participants who have some familiarity with the practice approach and are interested to further explore the topic and learn about the most recent developments in the field.

Confirmed faculty for the 2015 edition include Theodore Schatzki, Stephen Kemmis, Laurent Thévenot, and Paula Jarzabkowski.

Ethos and approach

The Summer school will be inclusive and open. The pedagogic model will be based on active participation and the idea of creating a temporary learning community. We will strive to design an event where open dialogue, discussion, and joint exploration generate learning and enrichment for all participants: teachers, students and faculty alike.

The money bit

The Summer School will be run with a view to providing an exceptional event at minimum cost to participants, i.e. fees will be kept at the minimum necessary to make the Summer School economically viable.

For more information please see the '2015 Programme and Information' page.


The 2015 edition will be run at Warwick University campus, near Coventry, UK. This will allow us to provide the best combination of great lectures, excellent hospitality, and low cost. Coventry is not as attractive as Venice (where the school was held in 2013) but we will be sure that participants take full advantage of the beauty of rural middle England.

Further information about the venue will be issued once applications for participation have been accepted and notified.