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The School is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board, which comprises some of the most prominent scholars in the field. The Board will assist with the definition of the programme and content of the yearly event. It is expected that the members of the Advisory Board will also be part of the faculty of the Summer School when their expertise aligns with the chose topic.

Members of the Advisory Board include: 

Andreas Reckwitz

Europa Universitat Viadrina Frankfurt

Ann Langley

HEC Montreal

Barbara Czarniawska

University of Gothenburg

Bonnie Nardi

UC Irvine

Cynthia Hardy

University of Melbourne

David Seidl

University of Zurich

Dvora Yanow

Wageningen University

Eero Vaara

Hanken University

François Cooren

University of Montreal

Jack Whalen

Aalto University

Jacky Swan

University of Warwick

James R. Taylor

University of Montreal

Jean Lave

UC Berkeley

Jennifer Howard-Granville

University of Oregon

Jon Hindmarsh

King’s College London

Jörgen Sandberg

University of Queensland

Kamal Munir

University of Cambridge

Mark de Rond

University of Cambridge

Martha Feldman

UC Irvine

Michael Lounsbury

University of Alberta

Mika Pantzar

National Consumer Research Centre, Helsinki

Nick Llewellyn

University of Warwick

Paul Carlile

Boston University

Paula Jarzabkowski

Aston University

Peter Tolmie

University Nottingham

Philippe Lorino


Raghu Garud

Penn State

Reijo Miettinen

University of Helsinki

Rick Iedema

University of Technology Sydney

Robert Chia

University of Glasgow

Sally Maitlis

University of British Columbia

Silvia Gherardi

University of Trento

Stephen Barley

Stanford University

Steve Woolgar

University of Oxford

Stuart Clegg

University of Technology Sydney

Tammar Zilber

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Theodore Schatzki

University of Kentucky

Thomas Lawrence

Simon Fraser University

Tor Hernes

Copenhagen Business School

Wanda Orlikowski