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The Warwick Innovation Fund

Made possible through donations


Do you want to help students, engage communities, or make more of an impact through your research?

Apply now for funding to get your idea off the ground in 2018/19.

We know that our staff community is constantly coming up with new ideas and exciting innovations. We also know you don’t always have the funds to make these ideas a reality. That's where we can help.

Every year, Warwick receives thousands of donations from alumni, friends and supporters to help us go further and faster in developing programmes that will transform lives.

Donations have helped innovative projects to get started in the past few years, including:

We reserve a proportion of funds to support priorities, kick-start new initiatives and respond to urgent needs.

So if you have a new idea that will help students or engage the local community, or perhaps you know you can make more of an impact through research, why not get in touch using the form below?

How to apply to the Warwick Innovation Fund
  • You need to be a current staff member to apply.
    Applications are welcomed from academics, administrative staff members, or SU reps. You can see our guidelines and download a copy of the questions to help you prepare answers here.
  • Your project has to meet our priorities for fundraising.
    That means it has to benefit students, our local community, or demonstrate clear research impact potential.
  • You can find some examples on these pages.
    Not sure if your idea counts? Take a look at some of the example projects, or get in touch with us at with the subject line 'Warwick Innovation Fund'.
Apply below by Friday 10th August 2018


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Your information will be shared with our disbursement panel who allocate funding to projects, and stored for planning and reporting purposes.

For further information about how we use your information, please refer to our Data Protection statement in the Quick Links below, or contact us at

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The Warwick Innovation Fund is currently open for applications.

Please apply below by Friday 10th August.

We meet every year to allocate funds based on the expressed wishes of donors and our fundraising priorities.

Results are usually made available in late September.