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Student Fundraiser Recruitment - FAQs

What do Student Fundraisers do?

You will be calling some of the University’s most valuable constituents (our graduates and our friends).

Your goal is to try and raise funds for fantastic projects, and give these constituents the opportunity to be involved in University life and the University’s future. Warwick is a leading institution in education and research, and the donations you raise help causes including life-changing scholarships and bursaries alongside life-saving medical research.

Recently, we transitioned our team to remote working conditions to ensure that everyone's safety is centred. We ensured that we could continue the invaluable impact of our team's work at a time where it is has been most needed, as we worked to raise an incredible amount of support for our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal.

Who do you contact?

You will be calling Warwick alumni and friends. Alumni might have graduated last year, or forty years ago. In a recent year, fundraisers spoke with over 3,800 constituents. Sometimes you will speak to non-alumni - usually former donors, relatives of students or other people who have an established relationship with Warwick.

Why do you conduct a telephone campaign?

The goal of a telephone campaign is to do three things:

  1. To ask constituents if they are interested in donating to causes on support for students, innovative research or other priority areas.
  2. To speak to as many graduates as possible: the telephone campaign is one of the key ways we learn about what our alumni have been up to since graduating, which informs the strategic direction and content of our alumni relations programme.
  3. To update constituents on relevant news stories from campus: this could be about new buildings, incredible research or opportunities for them to get involved.

Some people will be interested, and some won’t, but we won’t know until we chat with them. By and large, we've found that telephone fundraising produces better results than letters or emails. Your approach will be genuinely professional and personalised, and you will offer them a great touch-point from Warwick.

Why do you have to fundraise?

As a University we fundraise from Trusts, Funds, companies, philanthropic individuals and alumni – anyone who is genuinely interested in supporting our core priorities. You can also read more about our priority areas here.

We call them ‘priorities’ because they’re so important: as a University we want to do wonderful things like help patients fight cancer, break barriers to inequities, and enable students to get started in their academic or non-academic lives.

There’s no hidden catch here. We need donations because otherwise the causes won’t be funded, and the causes really do make a difference in people's lives.

Donations always go to the donor’s chosen cause. No administration costs are subtracted from donations which means 100% of what they give goes directly towards their chosen cause. As an exempt charity we can claim Gift Aid too.

Who works on the Student Fundraising Team?

The Student Fundraising Team usually consists of around 30 current Warwick students including Student Fundraisers, Shift Leaders and Shift Managers; dependent on the size of our campaign.

Where and when do shifts take place?

Our normal hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 6pm - 9pm and Sunday 1pm-4pm during the Autumn and Spring terms. The days Fundraisers work each week are flexible and Fundraisers sign up via an online schedule in advance. The minimum number of shifts each Fundraiser must attend per week is two. There will also be additional, optional calling shifts (times vary). This Autumn hybrid campaign, shifts will take place in our campus calling space with hybrid options available.

During summer term we expect less shifts per week, and occasionally run additional recruitment periods for those that have less exam pressure during May and June.

  • The Autumn Campaign takes place from November
  • The Spring Campaign takes place from February
  • The Summer Campaign takes place from May

How many hours do Student Fundraisers work?

You will need to commit to an average of at least 2 calling shifts every week in campaigns. That’s six per week for the 4-7 weeks of a campaign. We would encourage you to think in advance about whether you can manage this amount of work. We’ve found that if you do less than this, you don’t develop the same expertise and knowledge, which hampers the success of your calls and thus the overall campaign.

How much are Student Fundraisers paid?

All Student Fundraisers are paid via Unitemps at the rate of £10.94 per hour plus holiday pay at £1.32 per hour. We do not offer commission, but we do offer a brilliant team atmosphere, hot drinks, biscuits and chocolate in our physical calling room space.

Are there opportunities for progression within the Team?

For candidates hired for a campaign there is potential, dependent on performance and shift attendance, to be invited back for future campaigns.

Many of our Student Fundraisers work with the Team for the duration of their academic career here at Warwick. After completion of your first year as a Fundraiser, there is the ability to apply for Shift Leader and Shift Manager - those who perform well at interview, with a great Fundraiser track-record, are chosen for the position. These roles bring with them greater responsibility for the running of Calling shifts and the recruitment and training of new Student Fundraisers.

What other benefits are there?

As a trusted member of the team, you’ll receive insights into our wider global network through meaningful conversations. Over the past year, student fundraisers have connected with directors in firms; editors of leading magazines and trailblazers within their field.

Through regular tailored feedback, recognition & rewards, you’ll be working with a team that’s dedicated to helping you make the most of your opportunities. You’ll have the platform to work with a myriad of individuals whilst gaining experience in an innovative working environment.

You’ll also have the opportunity to speak to people who’ve already made the step from Warwick into the working world. You’ll be matched, where possible, to people who have studied a similar course or are working in a field you’re interested in. The careers advice and occasional internships offered are a fantastic opportunity for any student. You’ll also be gaining valuable work experience and learning some impressive skills to add to your CV to increase your opportunities after graduating.

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete the application form here. You must complete the application form online to apply; we do not accept CVs, email applications or applications through Unitemps. The new fundraiser applications are now open & close by 9th October.

What happens after I apply?

Applications are shortlisted after the closing deadline. Longlisted applicants will then receive a telephone interview. Depending on the number of applications, we may also invite candidates to an assessment centre, which is the final stage of the application process. Successful candidates will then be made an offer and invited to training. Training is mandatory, if you cannot make training you will unfortunately not be able to be considered for the role. You will be notified by email to the status of your application at each stage of the recruitment process. See below for the key dates of the recruitment process.

You will also be sent a link to our training manual and will be expected to read key sections prior to training. Once you have completed the full training, you are ready to start shifts.

What training is provided?

We will give you full paid remote training to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to become a successful student Fundraiser. You will be taken through each stage of the call and you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the conversations, work through any concerns and you will also have a chance to make several practice calls on the phone. We will also teach you how to use the calling database.

We provide an in-depth online training course full of information that will help you as a Fundraiser. You will be required to complete this course prior to the training weekend to be prepared for the sessions. Both the online training course and the weekend training sessions are compulsory and you will not be considered for the post if you are unable to make these sessions. If you are selected but do not complete the training, you will not be employed.

If you have any further questions which aren't answered on the website, please email usLink opens in a new window and we'll be happy to help.