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Senior Fundraising Team Recruitment

Applications for the Senior Fundraising Team are now closed.

Thank you for your applications.


Shift Supervisors are essential in the progression of our telephone campaigns: through your own fundraising skillset and the leadership of Student Fundraising team.

Responsible for leading shifts through management of the call room and our calling software MOLE, you will ensure efficient shift preparation, motivation and ongoing assessment is developed. You will need to be an effective problem solver, capable of making live adjustments to shifts where required and action the feedback given to you by the Individual Giving Officer throughout the campaign.

Ensure you read the job description and person specification in full .

Senior Fundraiser

Senior Fundraisers are a key part of the development of callers within the team. You will use your experience as an successful fundraiser to deliver consistent feedback to callers and continue to secure high-value gifts, leading by example.

Responsible for caller development Uniquely, there will be the opportunity to continue to work towards your own targets with our bespoke and high valued constituents, whilst also leading the wider team. This will create a dynamic approach to shifts where you will alternate between speaking with constituents yourself and supporting your team members in their memorable fundraising conversations. Manifesting motivation and positivity within the call room is key in this role.

Ensure you read the job description and person specification in full .

Further Particulars

  • Successful candidates will be required to work two to three 3-hour shifts per week, for the duration of the Autumn and the Spring campaigns. We also have weekly meetings during campaigns.
  • There will also be further opportunities to work on your professional development within the DAE e.g., attending one of our whole team meetings or supporting with an ongoing project.
  • Successful candidates will also be required to have a prominent role in recruitment of New Student Fundraisers prior to campaigns. Full details can be found in the job description, linked above.
  • Not all applicants may be shortlisted for interview.
  • All candidates must have previous experience as a Fundraiser working on a Telephone Campaign and be approved Returning Fundraisers. All other applicants please apply through our New Student Fundraiser applications page, found here.
All applications are scored against the Person Specification as outlined in the Job Descriptions above. Please ensure that in this application form you clearly demonstrate how you meet the Person Specification, with evidence from your professional and personal experiences.

Please note, this form cannot be saved before submission. The deadline is Friday 12 July at 9.59AM BST. Attempts to submit forms after this time will fail and we cannot accept applications after this time under any circumstances. Feedback will be shared after the deadline on request.


Senior Fundraising Team Application Form

This form is now closed and is not accepting any more applications at this time.

Thank you for your time.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch with us using the contact details below:

Sebastien Sinclair
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T: 07385 145083