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Meet the team

The 2018/19 Student Fundraising Team consists of 60 students, which includes Shift Managers, Shift Supervisors and Student Fundraisers.

The roles provide the opportunity to learn and improve valuable skills which benefit both life at Warwick and a future career, for example, communication skills, teamwork and the ability to negotiate. Every member of our team is an ambassador for the University, therefore it is essential that we recruit people who are enthusiastic about Warwick and who will be dedicated to charitable giving.

The role of Student Fundraisers is considered by many as the best job on campus and, as a result, we receive around 200 applications for the positions each year!

The Supervision Team

The Supervision Team is responsible for providing feedback and guidance in order to help the Student Fundraisers improve their techniques and progress on the telephone. They also motivate the whole team to ensure that a positive and hardworking attitude is displayed by everyone at each calling shift. All the Shift Managers and Shift Supervisors work tirelessly to provide a professional yet lively atmosphere at the calling shifts and their efforts are a big part of why the Student Fundraisers get so much enjoyment and satisfaction out of their role.

The supervision team is the perfect opportunity to take on more justin12.jpg
responsibility as an undergraduate student, develop your skills and learn more about management.

You get to work alongside an amazing team, take on new challenges and support the Student Fundraisers to become the best they can be in their role - it’s really rewarding!

Justin Farrance (Law)
Shift Manager

Student Fundraisers

It is the Student Fundraiser's job to make contact with as many of our graduates and friends as possible by telephone throughout the academic year. It is a challenging role but it is also incredibly rewarding and all the Fundraisers would agree that there is nothing better during a shift than speaking to lots of graduates who have fond memories of Warwick and who are positive about our fundraising objectives.

Now that I'm graduating, I often get asked what my highlights are from lily.jpg
my time at Warwick, and being on the Student Fundraising Team is definitely one of them! Not only do you get to meet other students, who you may not have met otherwise, it also makes you realise that the Warwick community spans further than just campus.

By being a Student Fundraiser, you can help provide scholarships for Warwick students, help fund the education of children across Africa, and hear all about the interesting lives of Warwick graduates!

Lily Pace (English Literature)
Student Fundraiser

 MEET THE 2018/19 TEAM!


We asked the Student Fundraisers what they thought about the Supervision Team...

The entire Supervision Team have been so supportive and encouraging throughout the campaign.


I really like the introductions by the Supervision Team at the beginning of each shift.


The Supervision Team have done an amazing job. They have created a very welcoming work environment for all.