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What are the areas of greatest need?

Supporting the areas of greatest need

Every year, thousands of graduates donate to the University and our charitable projects here.

Some prefer to give their gifts to the specific cause they're passionate about. Others are happy for us to put the gift to the area of greatest need. These donations are especially important as they allow us to respond to new ideas or opportunities. Your donation could help a project which has been running for a while to go even further, or help to get a brand new innovative idea off the ground.

Every summer, the Disbursement Group chooses the projects that will benefit most from your donations, putting them to use in the most responsible and hard-hitting way.

Your gifts so far have supported major community projects like Warwick in Africa; seeded vital research projects in Cancer, Dementia and Miscarriage ; and helped students in hundreds of ways. From letting them have an equal experience here through the Opportunity Fund and Hardship Fund, to helping them develop inspiring careers through the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme or work placements. Your impact has reached far and wide.

If you donate, you'll receive regular e-updates and an annual magazine to let you know how your donation is at work. You can also always get in touch with us at to discuss your donations.

Thank you to everyone who helps change lives by making a donation.

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