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Warwick Economics Summit is the largest student-run economics conference in Europe. In 2021, we are proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary.

Due to the ongoing pandemic we chose to move our annual conference event online into the form of a virtual summit. We believe that this switch to a virtual format is a unique chance to reach an even wider number of delegates than the traditional 550 students we host on the University of Wawick’s campus every year.

This year, we have opened up WES to 16-18 year-olds for the first time, as part of our commitment to increasing access to the Social Sciences.


To find out more information about WES or contact us, please check out our:

Instagram: @warwickeconsummit


Why we need your support

Due to the nature of a virtual summit, we have decided to offer our tickets free of charge. Whilst ticket sales were the main source of income in previous summits, providing them free of charge will enable us to reach out to the widest possible target audience in the most accessible way. Each ticket we provide for free costs us $9 (£7). Your donation will help us to cover these costs, and ensure we can continue to expand and grow the summit in years to come.

Giving more than the ticket cost will help us in our mission of student empowerment and equality of opportunity. In our 2020 summit, we established a Grant Scheme, in partnership with Slipstream Education UK (formerly, Project Access UK). The grant allowed for students who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain a ticket to the summit free of charge.

With your support we can expand this initiative in future years, giving more students from Warwick and other universities this opportunity.


Testimonial from a 2020 Project Access Grant Delegate:

I had such an amazing experience at WES 2020 and am very glad that I made the decision to apply for the grant. A straightforward application process in exchange for a weekend packed full of insightful talks and meeting new people - seems like an easy decision to me! I’d highly encourage anyone eligible for the grant to apply. I cannot stress this enough, WES is too good an opportunity to miss out on!





Your donation will help us to cover the costs for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and ensure we can continue to expand and grow the summit in years to come.