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Guidelines for Funding Applications

  • Who can apply?
    • Applications are accepted from SU reps, academic and administrative departments only.
  • Which projects could win funding?
    • Projects must meet the university priorities for fundraising, so they must benefit the student or local community, or demonstrate clear impact if they are research projects.
    • Priority will be given to projects that are innovative or pilot a scheme that might become sustainable after initial investment.
    • Projects must be completed and all awarded funds spent within one or two academic years.
    • Projects must be approved by the head of department or SU president before applications are submitted.
  • Budgets and funds
    • Detailed budgets for the project must be provided and clearly indicate which elements of the project will be paid for by the funds requested.
    • Funds may be requested over a maximum period of two years, clear outcomes for each year must be provided.
    • Decisions on the amount of funding will be at the discretion of the Disbursement Group. The group recognises the importance of providing support to large projects, as well projects where smaller sums can have a significant impact.
  • If you win funding
    • Successful projects must report to the Disbursement Group within one year of funding describing the outcomes of the project.
    • Successful projects must acknowledge donor funding in all materials and publicity, other opportunities to promote the funding will be welcomed.