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What research are we doing?

Cancer treatmentCancer research at Warwick

Coventry & Warwickshire's only cancer research centre

One in three people will be affected by cancer in the UK, and incident rates are rising fast.

If you donate to Warwick, we'll be able to detect cancer faster and treat it more effectively. We're already supported by grants and funds from major councils and charities which have helped our team of researchers to come up with solutions like FY26 (a drug 49 times more powerful than Cisplatin in tests). But we urgently need your help to go further, faster.

What could your gift help with at Warwick?

Annie Young

 Annie Young: improving patient care 

"Hair loss seems to be such an important and key factor in psychological care and emotional care as well as the treatment care. That’s what matters most to them, so that’s what matters most to me."

Peter and IsoldaPeter Sadler: creating new drugs

"We get emails from people every day saying, 'please can you give us the new drug, because there’s no hope for a relative of mine, or a friend of mine.' Well, together we can help to give that hope to people."

Seb Perrier

Seb Perrier : creating new drug delivery systems

"Perhaps the most surprising thing I've felt in my career is the realisation of how little we actually know, and how much there is still to learn. I'm amazed by how much we just take for granted, but we don't actually know."
Donate online now or text WCRU16 £3 to 70070. Every penny plus Gift Aid goes to cancer research.