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Premature birth research


Premature birth

How can we help premature babies and their families?

The Grace Research Fund raises money to fund medical research into the causes of premature births and the best forms of neonatal care. Their goal is to improve the well-being of premature babies and their families in Coventry and Warwickshire. In some cases, the findings of research projects have impacted neonatal care nationally.

The Grace Research Fund has made some very important differences. One important project has been about pain and discomfort in babies, and we’ve looked at why mothers go into preterm labour and possible ways of trying to stop preterm labour. We are grateful when we hear back from families and friends of babies we have cared for – and are extremely touched when they raise money for us too! We’re also thankful for the ongoing support of the Volunteer Executive Committee too, and are always keen to hear from others who would like to be involved.

Dr Andrew Coe
Paediatrician at the Neonatal Unit University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire
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