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Gifts on campus

Campus map

Your gifts in action on campus

Warwick Arts Centre

£314,984 to education outreach work and artistic commissioning

Warwick Medical School

£3.3million to various research projects at Warwick Medical School including cancer, diabetes and nutrition, healthy ageing, healthy minds, and the health of mother and child. Our new Cancer Research Centre will also launch here in October 2014.

Warwick Business School

£709,263 to various research projects, Disability Awards (see p.20) and some work experience bursaries for WBS students too (see p.21)

Library, Modern Records Centre, Learning, Social and Sports

£90,423 to all these causes, including £16,000 to the Library for a new studio and video editing suite in the Learning Grid; and funds given out by the Opportunity Fund (p.18).

Gifts to Academic Departments and Student Hardship Fund

£7,918,331 to various academic departments for research and other initiatives, and the Student Hardship Fund too (see p.20)


£520,000 to scholarships at Warwick, including Wolfson Scholarships, Multicultural Scholarships and Benefactors Scholarships (p.16).

Prizes & Bursaries

£48,918 for academic prizes and bursaries across campus (see p.17)

Where the need is greatest

£530,961 was given in 2012/13 for the areas of greatest need.

Every year a Disbursement Group meets on campus to allocate these funds carefully between a large number of projects proposed under the central 50Forward themes: Local and Global Responsibility; Medicine; Scholarship and Campus Life; Science and The Environment; and The Business World.

Unrestricted funds support a huge number of students and researchers and we appreciate every gift for the most important and timely projects.

New Studio

The funding allocated to the Library was used to part fund the Learning Grid’s new Studio, a self-contained area located in the Learning Grid.

The Studio provides access to multimedia equipment and software together with demonstration and presentation support for students and academic departments. The aim is to reflect the innovative ways our students wish to approach their coursework and to increase their opportunities for creativity. Members of staff advise individuals on use of equipment as well as run workshops for groups.

The space is open to all and activities can be viewed through its glass wall.

The Studio currently contains:

  • Six iMacs supporting iMovie, Screenflow, Prezi, EndNote Web, and Adobe Photoshop
  • One Video Editing Suite supporting Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Lightroom
  • One Smartboard with full Smart Tools (an interactive touch sensitive whiteboard that can save and store any information that is written on it, as well as allow the user to refer to notes downloaded from the Internet or other sources)
  • One Panaboard
  • One Document Visualiser
  • Various camcorders, microphones, tripods, headphones and other multimedia tools for use within the Studio
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