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Helping the brightest students with scholarships

Thank you to everyone who supports scholarships: in the past year you have helped over 130 undergraduate and postgraduate students at Warwick.

What can I say apart from 'Thank you'?

Success matters

Students at WarwickI have been inspired by donors such as you who make it possible for students to make progress in University.

I firmly believe that a person can be the most intelligent person in the world, but without the love and support of people who care, that person would have nothing to fight for in life.

Thank you again for being part of the support that reminds me that I do have something to fight for and reminding me that my success at university matters.”

MSc Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry

"Being very clever is not enough..."

The Multicultural Scholars Programme (MSP) at Warwick

The Multicultural Scholars Programme (MSP) was started by a philanthropist who wanted to address the problem of diversity in the legal sector by increasing the number of Law graduates with origins in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa and the Caribbean.

More donors have helped us to offer support to Warwick Business School students too, and we now have 42 MSP students on campus and 35 graduates in the working world.

Dr Lorraine Talbot coordinates the programme in the School of Law, and she tells us a bit more about why the programme matters:

Students socialising and learning on campusThe first thing to keep in mind about MSP scholars is that they are clever, very clever. They have achieved a place at Warwick Law School on merit and without the benefit of an elite education. Indeed, most have attended very poorly performing schools and all come from under-privileged backgrounds.

What the MSP programme recognises is that often, being very clever is not enough. Often, very clever young people from underprivileged backgrounds will fail at university because of the more alien and alienating culture.

They don’t have the same social and professional contacts and, they just don’t fit in. Loneliness and the acute sense of being different stops these young people achieving their potential and a high percentage of people falling into this category do not complete their university studies at all.

The MSP attempts to counter this sense of alienation by proving a supportive community. Older scholars mentor younger scholars and friendships develop which continue after graduation. We have lunches, meetings and cultural trips to both educate and to cement a sense of community and support. Scholars also have enhanced pastoral care and have access to personal tutors whenever needed. The MSP provides scholars with access to professional opportunities both in top law firms and at the Bar.

This is a cohort of students that in other law schools have one of the lowest rates of retention. In Warwick Law School the MSP scholars get better final degree results than the student cohort as a whole and they gain more training contracts. This year eight out of our ten graduating finalists have training contracts with magic circle firms.

The MSP is the only scheme of its kind in the UK and it is very hardworking thanks to the commitment of Warwick University, Warwick Law School and the scholars themselves. It is totally dependent on the generosity of its sponsors and so we extend out wholehearted thanks to you.”

It is totally dependent on the generosity of its sponsors and so we extend out wholehearted thanks to you.

Dr Lorraine Talbot
Associate Professor of Law

Read more about the MSP programme



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