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Why I give to Warwick

 Entwistle Story

Why we donate to medical electives at Warwick

The Entwistle Story

Twins Andrew and Geoffrey Entwistle talk a little about why they support Warwick and what it means to them:

Why do we give to Warwick?

I imagine that Warwick Benefactors have many and varied reasons for giving donations, and that everyone reading this magazine has their own story to tell.

Alumni might want to give something back for the part a first rate education has played in their career. Non-alumni, such as us, might give in memory of loved ones and support of things we passionately care about, such as education, health and travel.

Our family’s donations to Warwick are given partly to fulfil a bequest by our mother, and also because we wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the University because of the pleasure our father experienced in his consultancy work with the Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Mum bequeathed a modest sum for research into cancer, but back when she passed away in 2004, the Cancer Research Unit had not yet been developed at Warwick. We talked with fundraisers in the team and determined on an alternative use for the bequest: funding for medical student electives. These are an essential part of Warwick medical curriculum. [Sidenote/bubble: read about medical electives on p.21]

We set up the Entwistle Family Elective Trust to help students organise their elective experience, often in far-away places when the expense would otherwise be prohibitive. We receive regular student reports and marvel at the ingenuity and determination of medical students when treating patients who may not speak English and where medical facilities are basic. It’s excellent training for a ‘can-do’ attitude for doctors to do their best for patients whatever the circumstances.

What might we say to prospective donors?

Well, our example gives you two suggestions of how you can give a donation: during your lifetime, when you can see the benefits of your donation, or in a bequest which will help future generations. If you are interested in making a donation, it would probably help you to talk to a fundraiser at Warwick. They can offer advice on your gift’s purpose, whether to add Gift Aid to it or not, and professional guidance on things like will-making.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to join other Warwick Benefactors in supporting worthy causes at the University of Warwick. It’s wonderful to see the impact of our family’s support and to know that we’re making a difference both to the medical students involved and to the society which benefits from their eventual expertise.”

Andrew and Geoffrey

"The medical electives are excellent training for a ‘can-do’ attitude for doctors to do their best for patients whatever the circumstances."

Tell your story! Why do you donate to Warwick?

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