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Thank you for supporting scholars at Warwick

Warwick students in their first lecture

You're offering skyscraper-high inspiration to Warwick scholars

Thank you to everyone who donates to scholarships at Warwick! You're helping talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to study here, and enjoy all that we have to offer too.

We think that to be truly life-changing , scholarship programmes need to go beyond financial aid - they need to help build self-esteem and confidence as well as academic skills. As such, we've been working hard to arrange special community and networking events to help boost our young scholars' confidence in different social settings.

Last December our scholars took part in an exclusive networking event at the Shard, where they met donors, staff, and friends at the event. We asked Alex and Tam to report back about what the event meant to them:

The networking event at The Shard was really enjoyable and full of great conversation and company. Events like this are invaluable – it really allowed me to enhance and build upon my networking capabilities in a professional, yet relaxed manner. It was really interesting to hear about some of the success that Warwick alumni have achieved – across a myriad of academic fields. Opportunities such as this one really do form the foundations of a successful career; they allow us to network in an effective way and build some contacts.

Alex, 2nd year Benefactors’ Scholar, Law

“The trip to London was most definitely a highlight within my university life. I found it especially beneficial as it not only allowed me to improve my networking skills but more importantly put a face and a story behind the scholarship programme. I had the opportunity to talk to some of the donors to the scholarship programme and understand why it is that some donors choose to give. This has led me to me feeling even more grateful for being on the programme. It was so important to me to have this experience because it made me want to become a donor once I graduate and am financially able to.

I'd just like to add an extra thank you to everyone who donates. Money, unfortunately, is an important factor in terms of how much I can partake in non-academic aspects of university life and having the scholarship has definitely allowed me to say yes to more things that enrich my experience.”

Tam, Benefactors’ Scholar 3rd year, English & Comparative Literary Studies

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our donors, we are proud to offer our students this holistic approach to scholarship. The social opportunities and increased confidence alongside the financial peace of mind that scholarship can give a student can transform their experience of Warwick, and open new windows of opportunity.

The change in these students’ lives continues far beyond campus, and after they graduate from Warwick too. Our scholars are the teachers, doctors and lawyers of tomorrow, and they can go onto change people’s lives for the better.

Thank you once again for making all of this possible.

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