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Warwick in Africa Update - Summer 2015

Fundraiser Sarah Walker reports on our 10th year of Warwick in Africa

Dear Warwick in Africa supporters

I'm writing from Africa where it's surprisingly chilly in Johannesburg - definitely coat weather!

The good news is that 62 Warwick students have safely arrived on the other side of the world and are now spread across Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa. They are already working hard in classrooms in 26 of Africa’s poorest schools to transform the maths and English teaching for learners.

This is the 10th year of our Warwick in Africa programme and we are so proud of everything our talented Student Volunteer Teachers have achieved – together they have helped over 250,000 young learners across Africa – enabling them to take a step out of poverty with improved maths and English skills.

This summer our volunteers will teach nearly 7,000 learners in their classrooms and benefit a further 60,000 by delivering training to their teachers. With an expected improvement to average test results of over 40% we are confident they will make a significant and lasting impact.

I've just visited our students in the Soweto township and I wanted to share some photos of them in action with you...


Above: Olivia Cole at Namedi Secondary School says,

Arriving here I realised that there is so much work to do, but the learners are so keen to improve that I’m excited to see how far we can progress.

Meanwhile (below) Harry Nollet, Sukhi Singh and Jayson Lazar (an Ernst & Young volunteer) are working at Pefeni Senior School.

Harry is returning for his second year of teaching and says,

There are always challenges with the schools, but for those learners who really want to learn and are constantly watching and asking questions inside and outside of the classroom, the warm feeling I receive from helping them is the main reason I wanted to return.


So as you can see, it's a brand new experience for some of our students, and a familiar setup for others, but either way, I keep hearing the same thing from them all - that this programme is for them as much as the young learners they inspire every day, and that they are so grateful for the support that makes this programme possible.

Thank you to everyone who donates to Warwick in Africa. I hope you're pleased to see your donations being put into action again this summer!

I'll be sure to report back with more photos and student stories over time.

Sarah Walker
Development Executive

Please could you make another donation to Warwick in Africa today to help us with our vital work?

Our vision: What if Warwick in Africa was in every
school across Africa - helping learners escape poverty through improved maths
and English education

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