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You've inspired children to take part in the arts

WACAlmost 22,000 children and young people have joined in our artistic outreach programmes in the last year.

Your gifts help us to work with local kids every day, inspiring them to take part in art and express themselves.

Boys Dancing is one such project which aims to help boys to dance, and we recently received a lovely note from a new participating school.

The Arc School is an independent school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, who said:

“Thank you for letting us be a part of this. Children with special needs don’t always get invited to cultural events; they tend to be excluded from visits to museums and heritage sites because people are worried about their unpredictable behaviour. Including them was life-changing for our boys and their families.

“One mum summed it up when she said, ‘We never thought he would be able to do anything like this. It’s amazing. I’m so happy.’”

Thank you for helping to inspire kids throughout the Midlands and beyond.