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Legacies at Warwick

MattThis time last year, we told you about a generous gift we received from Lady Noreen Murray in her will. Her donation helped to fund four Philanthropy Awards at Warwick for young academics with bright ideas.

One of the recipients, Dr Matt Gibson, recently had some fantastic news:

“Because of Lady Murray’s legacy, we found a new way to freeze and store blood for medical transfusions. By understanding how fish could survive in sub-zero sea temperatures without freezing, we developed a synthetic ‘antifreeze’ which improves the way blood is stored and defrosted.

“This year, thanks to that small initial donation, we won £1million of funding from the European Research Council to help us translate our work into clinical practice. It has huge implications for healthcare around the world, and it’s all thanks to one person’s support.”

What if you could change the world with a gift in your will?

Thank you to everyone who has left a legacy to Warwick: every gift makes a difference.

Invitation to our tea party

Can a cup of tea solve everything? On the weekend of 12th September we would like to invite you to campus for tea and cake, to celebrate how legacy gifts have supported pioneering research and we hear which issues you may be interested in supporting. Click here to learn more and book.