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WPH supporting home grown medics

Local charity WPH has pledged three years of support for new medical students undertaking Warwick’s MBChB programme who are from the Coventry and Warwickshire area.

After a pilot programme which began three years ago, both the WPH Charitable Trust and Warwick Medical School have been delighted to see nine medical students from Coventry and Warwickshire supported through their studies to become medics. Warwick’s is the largest postgraduate entry medical programme in the UK, and has been offering the degree since 2000.

As postgraduates, these students often already have significant loans and fees to pay from their undergraduate courses, so making the decision to begin a four-year programme in medicine can be daunting. Thanks to WPH Charitable Trust’s generous support, up to nine more students from the local area will be able to make this major career decision without the financial worry.

WPH Scholar, Branagh, outlined the benefits of the funding:

The WPH bursary was a huge help! It allowed me to part fund my tuition, meaning that I could focus on my studies and wellbeing instead of worrying about finances. I would especially like to highlight the wellbeing effect this bursary was able to provide me. This bursary enabled me to continue extracurricular activities whilst studying during my first year of medicine, meaning I was able to perform in a production of ‘Rent’ at the Warwick Arts Centre here on campus! Without the WPH bursary this would not have been the case. I am so grateful to WPH for their support of this programme, it’s great to know that a local organisation is willing to support students from the area.

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