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Meet Claudia Perry: Warwick Volunteer


Claudia is a Mathematics student and volunteered in Morogoro, Tanzania:

Taking part in Warwick in Africa has changed my perspective and outlook on many things in my life. I met both teachers and learners who live with very little, just the necessities, but they come to school every day with such a positive attitude. They don’t spend a minute feeling sorry for themselves.

Many of my favourite memories come from outside the classroom; many learners would come to visit us and chat during break and lunchtimes. I spent quite a bit of time with a girl Magdalena and a boy Eugene. Both are very keen students, bringing extra questions to ask for help, or just coming for a chat to practice their English.

In one of my classes I decided to teach the learners a song that I had learnt in high school to help them learn the formulae for circumference and area of a circle. We practiced the same song every lesson until the end of my placement, so that by the last lesson, they could sing it all at full speed.

Many of the learners mentioned in their feedback forms that they enjoyed singing the song in class, and that it helped them to learn the formulas really effectively - this was extremely rewarding for me."