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Meet Sister Herbertina: Teacher

Sister HerbetinaName: Sister Herbertina

Location: Mtwara, Tanzania

Sister Herbertina is a 28-year-old history teacher just outside of Mtwara, Tanzania. She lives in Mtwara town in a congregation with 4 other sisters and takes the bus to and from school every day.

Her favourite thing about being a teacher is teaching the children and counselling them.

Her school faces many difficulties. Some are academic, as there are not enough resources such as books and it is sometimes hard to find the books they need. As the school has no fence surrounding it, there is a big issue with students escaping to skip lessons. This takes a lot of time and energy away from the teachers who have to track them down.

She has learnt a lot from the Warwick teachers being at the school including punctuality and time management. She also sees them as serious teachers, working in the staff room and school.