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Warwick in Africa Team Leaders

Could you lead a team of fellow students for the experience of a lifetime?

As well as being a passionate and inspiring teacher, our team leaders must be able to demonstrate strong leadership, problem solving, communication and organisation skills. You will teach in the classroom like a normal Warwick in Africa Volunteer, but will have the following additional responsibilities:

Team option 1

  • Lead point of contact with the Warwick in Africa (WiA) Team both prior to and during your placement.
  • Chasing your team for admin requirements (monitoring who has completed: DBS checks, vaccinations, visas etc) and raising any challenges or concerns
  • Responsible for ensuring group get to know each other before placement and have an opportunity to bond
  • Fundraising lead, initiate and coordinate any group fundraising activities and support team members who are struggling. Reporting on team progress
  • Weekly reporting to Programme Manager during placement and incident reporting as it happens
  • Resposible for coordinating any WiA team or donor visits during placement
  • Responsible for ensuring everyone in the team completes and returns evaluation packs

This is in addition to the responsibilities outlined in the Student Teacher Role Overview. It is essential you read this information too.

Successful Team Leaders will have:

  • Some experience of successfully leading teams
  • Excellent communication and mediation skills
  • Experience of independent travel
  • Previous volunteering experience (domestically or internationally)
  • A proactive, friendly and approachable character

There will be extra Team Leader meetings and training sessions to prepare you for the role. In recognition of the the extra responsibility and time commitment to fulfill these duties, Team Leaders have a reduced fundraising target of £500. If you want to find out more about being a team leader email: warwickinafrica at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Application Deadline: 12th January 2020.

Apply online: 2020 application form

Apply using the main application form: