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A look back on 50Forward

Changing lives with Warwick

Celebrating success and moving forward

At the end of 2015 we celebrated the successful 50Forward Campaign at Warwick. As we move forward with more life-changing projects, it's incredible to take a look back.

We aimed to raise £50 million by 2015, and were thrilled to announce that as a University we collectively raised over £73 million to support students, improve healthcare, and help communities.

That’s a huge amount of money to imagine, but just take a quick read and you’ll see just some of the life-changing projects it’s made possible.

Since 2008, you've collectively donated over £73 million to help students, improve healthcare and support communities, including...

  • Over £29m for scholarships and campus life, including over 335 donor funded scholarships and Multicultural Scholarship Programmes in Law, Business and Engineering
  • Over £19m for medical research, funding basic science that helps us to understand the root causes behind cancer, infectious diseases and early miscarriage
  • Over £16m for science and the environment, supporting Warwick's renowned mathematical sciences and big data research, as well as interdisciplinary research into Alzheimer's, dementia and other forms of digital health technologies
  • Over £2m for local and global initiatives, supporting projects like Warwick in Africa and our outreach projects to talented prospective scholars.

Of course, the full impact of your donations is immeasurable: how do you quantify a student’s self-belief? A child’s moment of self-worth? Or a person’s life, saved by the latest medical science?

One way of thinking of it is that, by our calculations, you’ve helped at least 106,300 people through Warwick projects in the last year alone. If you took just a minute to chat with each of them, it would take at least 141 working days, or almost half a year!

That’s an amazing thought, and we hope it makes you realise how much of an impact you are having, and how vital your support is for life at Warwick. In honour of donations we've received, we launched a new donor sculpure on campus, thanking everyone who's given a gift.

I want to add a personal thanks from everyone in my team to every graduate, friend and supporter we've had the honour of working with over the years. It's heart-warming to see how many people care about the future of Warwick and believe in our power to do significant good in the world. You are all making a difference."

Mary McGrath
Director of Fundraising
November 2015

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