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EUTOPIA Student Opportunities

BeEUTOPIAn is the international annual EUTOPIA student-led conference. It is organised for and by students across the alliance, with the help of the host university. Each year a different EUTOPIA partner holds the event and invites EUTOPIA students, as well as other international students, to attend debates on key topics, challenges, and scenarios.

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How did this work?

We support and engage with committed students and representatives who will make a positive impact at the conference and contribute creative, student-grown solutions to global problems.

A conference by and for students

When researching international opportunities, Leticia Kansime (Tisha), an undergraduate student in Global Sustainable Development and Sociology at the University of Warwick, found the ambition of the BeEUTOPIAn conference chimed with her experience and interests. The conference offered her the chance to develop her thinking and hone her skills for working in international settings and teams. Wanting to build on her extra-curricular experiences – including directing, or contributing, to a number of different societies and initiatives – she submitted an application to join the EUTOPIA student delegation.

A student-centric experience

The BeEUTOPIAn platform where delegates of each university represent their country was familiar to Tisha as she had experience of the Model UN. The conference recognised the power of young people and enabled them to develop and use their own voice. It gave her, and students across Europe, a voice, not only of liberation and enlightenment, but also power and authority for their futures. This resonated with Tish’s passion for the politics and the advancement of communities that cannot speak up for themselves.

International networks

The conference gave Tisha a new perspective on how the history and dynamics of Europe has been built, and also how that dynamic interacts with the outside world. She found that many of the students, like her were international in their heritage and brought that to their passion for problem solving. And as an undergraduate and one of the youngest delegates at BeEUTOPIAn, Tisha valued the bonds that she built with these like-minded students from across the continent, because in all settings her voice and views were heard without judgement.

“What is unique about EUTOPIA is that it is an established alliance – a group with a shared vision. From the start it has been student led and built. And because of this approach the BeEUTOPIAn conference allowed me to grow and step into fields that might have intimidated me in other settings. I think EUTOPIA is offering some very sophisticated ideas and opportunities for students, like Warwick, and provides an international stage for young people.” - Leticia Kansime

EUTOPIA Student Programmes

There are a wide array of programmes by and for students that have been enabled by the possibility of EUTOPIA.

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