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International EUTOPIA Week 2020 at Warwick

EUTOPIA Week 2020 at Warwick

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of EWeek, hosted by the University of Warwick.

Over 600 participants from 30 countries joined the event, with the majority taking part in multiple sessions. The open sessions were a real highlight, with over 200 joining the ‘EUTOPIAN Futures’ lunchtime talks and over 100 joining our ‘EUTOPIA Presents’ sessions highlighting opportunities for students and researchers. We were delighted that 165 students competed in the student-led ESports tournament, and we’d like to congratulate Julija Stolec, from the University of Ljubljana, who was voted the winner of the EUTOPIA Totebag Design Content.

All open sessions were recorded and we have shared the videos with you to watch back any sessions you missed:

EUTOPIAN Futures: Cities of Culture

This discussion between EUTOPIA members will consider: the importance of major cultural events; the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and culture; and the role of universities in supporting culture and cultural identity.

EUTOPIAN Futures: University/Industry Partnerships

This panel of industry leaders and researchers will review their shared challenges and opportunities as agents of collective development and enter prise in the European context.

EUTOPIAN Futures: Research and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Connecting the objectives of research projects to the longer-term targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can feel challenging. This panel discussion will seek to explore the relationship between research and the SDGs.

EUTOPIA Discusses: Inclusion for a European University

The principle of inclusion is central to EUTOPIA, and to the European Universities Initiative as a whole. But how do we define inclusion in a European University that spans six countries? And having defined it, how do we make inclusion a reality for our students and staff? Join us as we discuss these issues with our panel of guest experts.

EUTOPIA Discusses: The EUTOPIA Education Model and the European Education Area

The workshop focuses on the EUTOPIA educational model in relation to the core ideals of the European Education Area. It provides an opportunity to discuss the principles of our model and methodology and how it compares and contributes to the priorities of the current EU policy context and aspirations for 2025.

We specifically aim to address the principles of flexibility, openness and individual choice and identify similarities and differences between the EUTOPIA approach and micro-credentials agendas.

EUTOPIA Discusses: Academic Careers in Higher Education - will the new European Research Area provide new momentum for change?

Academic Careers are at the heart of the European Commission’s recently published European Research Area (ERA) Communication to establish the free movement of researchers and ideas. At its core are deep-rooted cross-European problems: how do we better support the careers of PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers? How can we achieve a better work-life balance for researchers, and improve their wellbeing? How can we improve the mobility of researchers – across national boundaries, and across sectors? And, finally, how can we address these issues in a way that enhances the diversity and general balance of our communities at all levels?

This panel will explore how individual universities and European University networks propose to provide new approaches to these key issues.

EUTOPIA Discusses: Universities and Economic Development: from productivity to prosperity for all

Panel discussion exploring the ways in which universities can contribute to local economic development, with a particular focus on the links between research, student and partner involvement.

EUTOPIA Presents: Student Opportunities

Hear from students on what EUTOPIA means to them and find out how you can get involved in EUTOPIA activities.

EUTOPIA Presents: Researcher Opportunities

Find out about opportunities for researchers and PhD students offered through EUTOPIA. This workshop-style session will focus on the following opportunities:

  • Researcher Mobility Program
  • Science and Innovation Fellowships
  • Young Leaders Academy

EUTOPIA Presents: Our response to COVID-19

EUTOPIA acknowledges the role of our universities in responding to the current pandemic. An expert panel will come together to highlight some of the excellent research-led contributions made by colleagues towards combatting COVID-19.

EUTOPIA Workshop: Early Career Researcher Development

The transition from postdoctoral researcher into a permanent academic position can be a difficult one and universities often offer training programmes in order to help researchers in this position. In this session we will look at what a training programme for Early Career Researchers on the path towards permanent academic position should include and, crucially, how it should be delivered.

By looking at the experiences of those involved both in delivering and participating in such schemes, and those involved in interviewing people for academic positions, we will build a picture of what key skills and experience a new academic needs and how universities can best deliver training to a group which has significant research experience and is looking to move on from the more formalised training of a PhD.

EUTOPIA Workshop: Western Balkans - How to design, accredit and launch an international or inter-university study programme

Experts and students from different backgrounds and institutions will come together for two sessions during EWeek to share their experiences, knowledge and best practice with researchers, professors, administrative staff and students from Western Balkans universities. Topics in each session will vary, and will range from curriculum design to garnering support for the creation of international study programmes.