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Through the Alliance, departments can explore new ways to provide students with international experiences and equip them with the skills required in the global workplace.

Study Abroad - developing options for your students

Our Alliance enables educators to build short periods of international mobility into the curriculum. Giving students the opportunity to experience studying abroad enables them to return having broadened their perspectives and developed in confidence and independence.

An example at Warwick University is the Global Sustainable Development degree which addresses the key issues that all the world's nations have identified as central to our future. In the second year of the GSD degree students can elect to take a term at Monash University. They equip students with the expertise, skills and knowledge that enable them to contribute meaningfully to the debates about these big problems, so that they can make a real difference to the world.


Research Projects - involving students in international collaboration

This is an opportunity to bring internationalisation into the curriculum by involving students in research collaboration through the Alliance. Research projects could focus on development of learning and teaching or be discipline specific to build student competence in working internationally.

An example of this which will be new to Warwick for 2017 is the IATL Undergraduate Research Project. It will link programs at Monash and Warwick to give students the opportunity to develop research proposals collaboratively. Through the Alliance, students can access exclusive international funding schemes to gain experience in writing applications for funding, and deepen transnational collaborative links and experiences within and between student teams.

International Classrooms - driving innovation through technology

Giving our educators access to technological solutions such as the international classroom facilitates innovation in the curriculum to support collaboration across timezones. Looking to the future we are now seeking to explore further ways in which advances in virtual and augmented reality technologies can connect our students.

The International Portal at Warwick links our campus with Monash virtually. We have already seen students broaden their global outlook through engaging in Classics debates, Law moots and research conferences through the International Portal.

International Portal