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About Us

Our vision is to be the world's leading example of university collaboration,
harnessing our collective strengths to empower our research and education to meet
the complex challenges of our global community.

Following its creation, the Alliance has delivered exceptional results. Highlights include;
  • A significant increase in co-published, peer-reviewed articles from 15 in 2011 to 119 in 2015 has established the two universities as an internationally recognised global research partnership.
  • Collaborating on nearly 50 joint and multi-party projects awarded over AUD$100m (GBP£50m) in grants from external sources; including four ARC Centres of Excellence and nine transnational industry projects.
  • More than 1,000 students across the universities have engaged in Alliance activities during the first five years.
  • Over 150 students experience studying abroad through the Alliance every year.
  • Over 400 students are involved in the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) experience annually.
  • Establishing a joint PhD program which enables students to benefit from two innovative and internationally renowned institutions.
  • Linking research capabilities with joint professorial appointments in polymer chemistry, polymer materials, sustainable chemistry, advanced imaging, and healthcare improvement.

The Way Ahead


In December 2016, the University of Warwick and Monash University signed an agreement to renew the term for the Monash Warwick Alliance a further five years to December 2021. As a sign of our long-term commitment both partners are investing up to GBP£3million or AUD$6million per year to support Alliance activity.

It’s a model that is changing the way universities approach their international partnerships. It’s about co-developing, co-publishing and offering a truly transnational experience, with a focus on addressing the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Looking to the future the Alliance is focussed on expanding our reach. We will increase our engagement with external stakeholders and build partnerships with industry, public and private sector organisations and our alumni.

Our Awards

The Alliance has established itself as a key role model for UK Australian collaboration, enhancing the international profile and reputation of both institutions.

Australian Financial Review Higher Education Award 2016

The Monash Warwick Alliance won the AFR Higher Education Award 2016 for International Education. Spanning student, academic and institutional collaboration, the “unprecedented breadth and depth” of the Alliance was a key factor in its awards success, with judges declaring it an “outstanding model for global partnerships and the internationalisation of education”.

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Victorian International Education Award 2016

The outstanding students and institutions that make up Victoria’s thriving international education sector were celebrated at a ceremony for the 2016 Victorian International Education Awards.The Monash Warwick Alliance was delighted to have been presented with the award for 'Excellence in Innovation - Partnership and Engagement'.

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International Institute of Education 2017

The IIE is one of the most prominent Higher Education scholarships and funding bodies in the US, being responsible for administering such awards as the Fulbright Scholarships and the Gilman Scholarships. ICUR received an Honorable Mention award in the IIE's 2017 round of Andrew Heiskell prizes for Innovation in International Education.

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