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Alliance Joint PhD

The Alliance joint PhD is part of our commitment to developing a successor generation of internationally experienced young researchers. For joint-research teams the contribution of outstanding, highly mobile PhD candidates brings additional capacity to support research collaboration. Joint PhD candidates, along with post-doctoral researchers, have a unique opportunity to play a key role in the collaboration between teams on opposite sides of the world.

Filipino filmCurrent and recent PhD research topics cover all faculties and range from understanding Filipino film distribution to new materials for cancer imaging and therapy. We have an exciting cluster of PhD research projects in Philosophy, whilst our first science graduate from the Alliance PhD worked on the measurement of fast electron transfer kinetics and the development of analysis strategies and electrochemical methodologies.

For outstanding candidates the opportunity to undertake research of global importance at two research-intensive universities is accompanied by the opportunity to undertake personal, professional and academic training at both institutions. This not only enables candidates to build strong networks in different parts of the globe but also to gain exposure to different research and working cultures, developing demonstrable intercultural competencies to enhance their future career prospects. Further information for applicants is available online.