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Alliance Student-led Activity Fund Guidelines

Alliance Student-led Activity Fund Expression of Interest

Alliance Student-led Activity Fund Application Form


This call is open and ongoing.

Applications can be submitted at any point during the year.


The Alliance is looking to support activities that are structured to benefit the largest number of students possible and to help students develop skills and gain experience in:

  • Organisation and project management including planning and controlling budget, delegating tasks.
  • Interpersonal skills including communication and negotiation, supporting others, resolving conflict, adjusting style.
  • Leadership skills including leading a project group, representing your team, giving and accepting responsibility, counselling and mentoring others.
  • Intercultural and international skills: managing the challenge of working across borders, time zones and different institutional and individual approaches.
  • Responding to and overcoming unforeseen challenges.
Typical activities supported by the Fund include those that:
  • Integrate the student bodies of both universities.
  • Develop ”globally-engaged students” through working as part of international teams.
  • Increase both the impact and profile of existing student-led activities at both universities.
  • Transfer knowledge and innovation in student activities across our campuses.
Examples of activities which will be considered for support include:
  • Academic-related events (e.g. summits, student conferences).
  • Cultural and intercultural activities, including sporting events.
  • Skills development activities and events.
  • Staged projects that could become embedded within the scope of normal student activities at both universities after the initial funding period would be of interest.
Funding Available:

The Student-led Activity Fund can provide students with a grant up to GBP£5,000 plus AUD$10,000 for projects involving collaborative activity, enterprise initiatives, student association activities, developments in learning and teaching and activities to integrate the two student bodies. Project activities should be completed within 18 months.

Projects which bring sponsorship or third-party funding or in-kind support are encouraged.

Eligible expense may include:
  • Cost of materials and publicity related to the project.
  • Event hosting costs including venue hire and catering (with the expectation that Monash or Warwick venues will be used).
  • Accommodation and Economy class travel directly to the location relevant to the project proposal (normally a Monash or Warwick campus unless there is demonstrated relevance of another location).
  • Other costs that are demonstrated in the proposal to be directly related to the delivery of the activity, in the view of the selection committee.

Refer to the Student-led Activity Fund Guidelines for more information on eligible expenses.

For Warwick applicants please refer to the internal staff and student pages for information on Travel Guidance.

How to Apply:

If you are considering applying for funding, your first stop should be to contact the Alliance Project Team at your home university who can provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

Ideally you should research, identify and directly approach your counterparts at the other university to jointly develop applications. If you are at an earlier stage in the process your Students’ Union representatives/Sabbatical Officers may be able to advise on appropriate contact points or you can submit an Expression of Interest form to the Alliance Project Team.

Once you are ready to complete an application form find a local member of academic or administrative staff at each university who will support your application.

The staff member will take overall responsibility for ensuring the budget expenditure complies with local financial policy and procedures.

The application form is similar to those you can expect to find when applying for industry or government funding. To assist you to best respond to each question please refer to the FAQ section in Appendix Two of the Application Guidelines.

Your application will be reviewed by a selection committee comprising senior academics from both universities who will make selections based on merit and a range of criteria outlined in section 2.2 of the Application Guidelines.

If your application builds upon an existing collaboration or joint activity between the two universities, evidence of the outputs from previous activities would support your application.

Key Documents:

Alliance Student-led Activity Fund Guidelines

Alliance Student-led Activity Fund Expression of Interest

Alliance Student-led Activity Fund Application Form

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