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Past Events

Title of Event
17 Oct 18

Research Seminar - Professor Caroline Pauwels (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) Conceptualising Media Policy after Brexit – Questions on Values and Policies

Warwick Warwick
11 Jul 18 Productivity takes 'Leave'? The effect of maternity and paternity leave policy on our lives and the economy Brussels Warwick
26 Mar 18 Innovation in FP9: Empowering Europe's R&I Ecosystems Brussels The Guild
1 Feb 18 Refugee resettlement, Access to work, and Populism: From Migration to Integration in Europe Brussels Warwick
19 Dec 17 The Future of Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Chapters in EU Trade Agreements (FTAs): Perspectives from Labour Voices in Trade Partner Countries Brussels Warwick
14 Nov 17 Migration and Skills: G. Meardi, E. Kispeter & A. Green London CREW (Westminster Policy Briefing)
3 Nov 17 Migration and Skills / Employment Rights and Regulation Warwick CREW (Discussion Seminar)
26 Oct 17 Job Loss and Job Creation / Training Funds for the Unemployed Warwick CREW (Discussion Seminar)
17 Oct 17 Rethinking EU Equality Law: Towards a More Coherent and Sustainable Regime - Exploring the Alternatives Brussels Warwick/Southampton
28 Sept 17 The Role of Lobbying in Political Decision Making Brussels CAGE
27 Sept 17 Drinks Reception for Alumni of British Universities Brussels British Ambassador to Belgium
4 July 17 Immigration Briefing - Brexit Warwick Warwick (internal event)
1 June 17 Guild Forum: Universities, Research and the Future of Europe Brussels The Guild
24 May 17 CAGE/WMG Post Brexit Industrial Strategy: Fuel for hte Midlands Engine Warwick CAGE/WMG
18 May 17 Health and Brexit: Advancing knowledge for population health after Brexit London Society for Social Medicine
15 May 17 Brexit: The end of the Sino-British 'Golden Era'? Brussels EIAS
10 May 17 Big Data: Risks and Scientific Opportuntities Brussels The Guild
4 May 17 Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat: Mapping and Documenting Migratory Journeys and Experiences Brussels Warwick
25 April 17 'The long tail of science' ? Humanities, Social Sciences, and Open Science and Innovation Brussels The Guild
25 April 17  Decision-making in standard developing organisations (SDOs) for the internet in Brussels Brussels Warwick
3 April 17  Quo Vadis? Identity, Policy and the Future of the European Union Brussels CEPR and CEPS
28 Mar 17 Global Diaspora Mobilisation: Understanding how EU Member States can Engage Refugee and Migrant Diasporas Brussels Warwick
24 Mar 17  West Midlands Together Conference: Promoting Harmony and Combating Hate-Crime Warwick MEPs Neena Gill & Anthea McIntyre
2 Mar 17 Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters in EU Trade Agreements: Can current limitations be overcome? Brussels Warwick
15 Feb 17 Crisis and Everyday Personal Finance: Lessons from Behavioural Science and Political Economy Brussels Warwick
Dec 16 WMS event brings together European healthcare leaders London Warwick/Science|Business