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Policy Seminar

Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters in EU Trade Agreements:
Can current limitations be overcome?

Thursday 2nd March 2017,16.00 - 18.00, Brussels

This policy seminar presented recent research findings which highlight the limitations in the functioning of labour provisions in trade and sustainable development chapters (TSD chapters) in EU trade agreements. The researchers set out the aims of the TSD chapters and explained the key problems in achieving them. This provided the basis for a discussion between all seminar participants about possible ways of overcoming the limitations that have been identified.​

Key questions for discussion included:
What results and impacts have the monitoring and dialogue mechanisms within the TSD chapters achieved so far? Can they function more effectively in the future? Can the role of civil society become more significant?

To what extent can:
(1) increased prioritisation of TSD chapters by key actors;
(2) better resourcing of the TSD chapters' key functions;
(3) greater enforceability of provisions; and/or
(4) better recognition of the different issues faced in different trading partner contexts overcome current limitations?

Do we have to look beyond the 'TSD chapter' model to ensure that the social dimensions of EU FTAs are appropriately addressed?

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