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Warwick academics welcome Paris Seine colleagues to explore opportunities for collaboration

Warwick is a European university, committed to supporting the networking and partnership-building activities of our academics and researchers. On Tuesday January 23rd a large academic delegation from University Paris Seine, joined Warwick academics from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences including Warwick Business School, and IAS to continue exploratory discussions to identify areas for collaboration.

collaboration_updated.jpgProfessor Penny Roberts, Chair of the Faculty of Arts at Warwick said, "We are delighted to welcome Paris Seine to Warwick for two days of multi-disciplinary productive discussion. This visit is part of a series that are taking place between our academics to get to know each other’s specialisms and to identify common areas of interest and future collaboration. We’re very much looking forward to continuing that conversation and are organising some thematic workshops in order to do so.”

Warwick has a strong history of engagement in Europe. Over 750 staff and 2,600+ students from other EU countries already contribute to the excellence of our research, teaching, learning and to cultural diversity on campus. Warwick also benefits significantly from EU-funded programmes, with 105 research projects securing funding of €57.5m from Horizon 2020, while in 2016/17, 355 Warwick students took part in the Erasmus+ sponsored exchange programme and we hosted 384 students from around Europe.


Professor Simon Swain said “Warwick is committed to being a leading global research and teaching institution and we continue to work hard to build the University’s visibility and influence in Europe. As a founding member of the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, Warwick is proud to be working with 18 of Europe’s most distinguished universities to give a voice to our institutions. We believe in the value of building mutually beneficial partnerships which give our academics a foundation for collaboration in research and teaching, and our students the opportunity to broaden their international perspective. It was a pleasure to welcome University Paris Seine to Warwick last week and we look forward to further discussions to explore how we can work together in the future.”

Paris Seine is a consortium of 15 members that are creating a new university model in the French education system. Member institutes include University of Cergy-Pontoise, ESSEC Business School, International School of Sciences and Information (EISTI), National School of Electronics and its Applications (ENSEA), National school of Arts Paris-Cergy.

Professor Arnaud Lefranc, Vice-President of International Scientific Development, University of Cergy-Pontoise and Research Programme Director, University Paris Seine said, “Previous discussions and exchange visits had already revealed multiple opportunities for collaboration between Warwick and Paris Seine. This two-day visit involved colleagues working in a broad array of disciplines (Modelling Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business, Education) from both universities. It has allowed us to identify and agree concrete actions that will be undertaken in the coming months to foster cooperation in both research and education, to the greater benefit of both of our institutions.”

You can find out more about Warwick in Europe or email.

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