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International Funding Opportunities

International funding

Internal Funding Opportunities

Warwick's internal partnership funds pump-prime collaborations that will lead to externally-funded international collaborations. Successful collaborations should demonstrate the potential for innovative research and longer-term sustainable partnerships. Interdisciplinarity and the potential to develop links with industry are very welcome.

Opportunities include the International Partnership Fund, SJTU-Warwick Joint Seed Fund and FAPESP-Warwick Joint Fund as well as funds through EUTOPIA and the Monash Warwick Alliance.

External Funding Opportunities

Responding to global challenges often requires international funding. There are many sources of external funding that can facilitate international collaborations by bringing together the best researchers and facilities from across the world.

Those most relevant to the development of the University’s strategic partnerships are the UK Government’s Newton Fund, the Global Challenges Research Fund, the Fund for International Collaboration (FIC), and Horizon 2020.