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Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Technology

Background and Problems Identification
  1. Identifying and collecting all the regulations/policies/reports/etc. which has been made by Indonesian government, BUMN, etc. (i.e. Indonesian outlook from BPPT).
  2. Doing the assessments and analysis on those regulations/policies/etc.
  3. Study on the feasibility of green infrastructures, green technology, etc. How green is green?
Strategic Goals
  1. Engage with Indonesian government, policy maker, etc. and discuss those topics with them.
  2. Create the virtual platform for discussing further those topics. (i.e. Rekam Anak Bangsa Website, mailing list or group on LinkedIn, etc.).

Action Plan
  1. Sort the topics based on the priorities. For example: Whether the nuclear issue more important and urgent compared to climate change problem in Indonesia?
  2. Give the solutions and ideas to Indonesia relating to Climate change issue and sustainable energy technology.