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Religion, Culture, and Art

Problem Identification
  1. Child Marriage.
  2. Freedom of Expression.
  3. Preserving Knowledge and Cultural Artefacts (Modern & Traditional).

Strategic Goals
  1. Journal (special edition, guest editor(s).
  2. Conferences (panel proposals).
  3. Local newspapers.
  4. Partnerships with other institutions.
  • To raise social discourses and awareness through mass media and scholarly Indonesian citizens.
  • To recommend the results/findings to policy makers.

Action Plan

To use available platforms such as:

  • * Journals (special edition, as quest editors) such as Indonesia and Malay World, South East Asia Research, Antropologi UI, and Wacana UI.
  • Conferences (panel proposals) such as: ASEASUK, Project SEA (Oxford).
  • Local Newspapers
  • Partnerships such as Jurnal Perempuan, NGOs, Scholarship/grants-trust & Foundations (to give opportunity for students within the research interest), British Council and KPAI.
  • Running a blog (articles, writings, and progress).